Getting approved for tubal reversal financing is a dream come true for those women who got their tubes tied and later regretted the decision due to changing circumstances. In some instances, a woman may have been coerced into getting the procedure done by her significant other, and after breaking it off with the person became motivated to reverse the procedure. In other instances, it is a mutual decision between both partners that brings them to the operating room. Regardless, getting tubal reversal financing is one of the primary hurdles that women face in restoring their fertility.

Although it would be easier to dispense information on this topic with the assumption that our readers have their credit history in order, this is not always the case. If you have a spotty history, you will have trouble obtaining financing for your tubal reversal surgery as you may have already found out. Before we touch on the subject more indepth, we need to cover the basics.

The first question that comes to mind is where exactly should you obtain a tubal reversal loan from? Fortunately, you have several options. You can go to your bank or a credit union and shop around for lucrative rates or can instead work with your doctor’s office. While the latter is obviously more convenient, the terms might not be exactly to your liking. If time is on your side, it would really befit you to compare rates from your top contender banks so you can come out the winner in more ways than one. Most doctor’s offices work with a company known as CareCredit. CareCredit offers some really flexible tubal reversal loans that can be fully repaid years after your tubal reversal surgery. As of this writing, CareCredit is offering 0% interest to those who pay off their loan balance within the first year.

None of the above information should be pertinent to you if your credit record is not in order. You will probably not qualify for any of the aforementioned loans, and even if you do you will be presented with rather dismal terms. Instead, look into improving your image before potential creditors by paying off some of your debts and getting into the habit of making consistent payments toward them. It can easily take a year or longer for the effects of this responsible financial behavior to be visible, but keep at it and you won’t have to worry about getting approved for tubal reversal financing.

Another important point to remember is that getting your foot through the door in terms of getting approved is half the battle. If you fail to live up to your end of the bargain with your tubal reversal loan, it will drag you down even further into a financial nightmare. If anybody waged for you when signing the tubal reversal loan documents, then they too may be affected. The bottom line is that you shouldn’t let your desire to get your tubes untied interfere with your finances, because sooner or later the poor planning will catch up to you. You don’t want to be confronted with such a situation as you are welcoming a new son or daughter into the world.

8 Responses to “Tubal Reversal Financing”

  1. Jessica Brazelton

    Hi my name is Jessica. I’m 28. On Jan.23,2012 I had my 3rd child on that day I got my tubes tied. 6weeks later she passed away as she slept. Now I would like to try for another child, but my insurance wont pay for them to get untied.I do not have the money to pay it what can I do?

  2. Trisha Badal

    Hello – I am 34 years old and would like to get a reversal. I always regretted my decision, but at the time was forced into this situation. I have a son which is 15. I had another son 9 years ago, which passed away from an illness. Every day this breaks my heart as I was able to get out of the life I had 9 years ago. I would really love to give my time and heart to another precious human. I know there is always adoption if all fails me. But I would like to have this reversal done also.

    Please help me and others with this mission

  3. another blessing

    Hello I am a 36 and have regreted the decision the day after I had got my tubs tied. I guess I am filled with the empty feeling of not being able to hold another one of Gods little angels in my hands that was made out of pure love. I have been on a lot of differnt web sites just wanting help but finding out they wanted my help. I don’tknow how but I am going to keep on praying and looking I know God is able to undo this wrong that I have done.

  4. Amanda Williams

    My name is Amanda I got my tubes tied on the 14 of March 2007 just after giving birth to my Son ever since I’ve regretted ever sinice now I’m in a good strong relationship and would like a baby with him

  5. Sharon Hamilton

    Hello my name is Sharon. I’m 40 yes old n on may 12,2003 I had a tubal ligation done. Ever since I have done that I have regretted it. I wishthere was a way n I had the money to reverse it. I wanna have another baby. I play with my grandbaby n miss having my own. My husband now has no kids n we wanna have a baby.

  6. Shania Myers

    I’m trying to find a location that is near Philadelphia,pa or New York ,New York do anyone know a place ?

  7. crystal

    I regretted having my tubes tied ever since. my fiance just got out of the marines and we want a big family. we cant afford it, we need help please any info would be greatly appreciated thank you

  8. Ashley

    My name is Ashley I am 31 and hot my tubes tied August 4, 2010. The reason I got them tied is because I had just had my fourth child with my physically, sexually and emotionally abusive husband. I did not want to be forced into having another child so the only way for me to protect myself from that wad to get my tubes tied with out him knowing. One year later I divorced him and have since re married to a man who loves my children but wants his own. I want so badly to give him that. I live in Michigan and am looking for somewhere that has a low cost or pro bono clinic or would take my case.

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