Government Grants for Tubal Reversal Surgery

Government and non-profit grants for tubal ligation reversal surgery can be hard to come by, but they can significantly reduce a person’s financial strain when going into the procedure. If you are currently attending college, you may qualify for federal student aid. This money is designed to help you pay for your books and registration fees. More importantly, it can help your redirect some much needed money towards your tubal reversal procedure. You can get up to $5,000 per year through FAFSA depending on several factors including your personal income and assets. If you do not qualify for this type of financial aid, there are numerous ministries and religious organizations that donate money to women who want to restore their fertility.

The Lord’s Heritage ministry is a Christian organization that accumulates funds from its members to help offer not only free tubal reversal surgery but also vasectomy reversals. In order to qualify for a donation from the organization, you must subscribe to their waiting list. While organization such as these should not be ignored, they are with their drawbacks. There is no telling how long it may take before you are approached for a donation as there are thousands of other families in your exact position. Furthermore, with the economy still on rocky ground, donations may not be as generous as they once were. You may even not feel particularly comfortable sharing sensitive information with such organizations, including family income and whatnot.

You never want to sit idle as you are waiting to hear back from ministries and other funding sources. Instead, you should be talking to lending institutions like your bank about potential loans you can take out to cover the procedure. If you own a home, you may be able to re-work your mortgage to get some money out. Although the urgency to get the procedure underway may seem profound, you have to approach the issue with caution as you may inadvertently put your financial history in jeopardy. You should be actively looking out for financing options and trying to get your credit in order if need to be to look at the more rounded to potential lenders for your tubal reversal surgery.

Your doctor may offer financing through CareCredit or some other lender. Go ahead and see what they have offer in terms of repayment period, interest rates, etc. Don’t hastily force yourself into the tubal reversal loan offered by the doctor’s office if you know you can do better. You will need to take the time to compile a list of potential organizations offering grants and apply to those that seem worthwhile. But again, don’t get into the mindset on relying on any one source of funding. You need to diversify your strategy and set up a timeline so that even though you don’t get approved for a tubal reversal grant, you’re still able to apply for a loan and get acceptable terms. How long should expect to get your funding in order? It’s difficult to say, but give it at least a few months of diligent work and you may be in for a surprise.

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  1. Praise God in all His Glory that there is hope for poverty stricken. Individuals who’s reckless lifestyle caused people to act on impulse at a young age to have a tubal ligation. Many women such as myself are suffering spiritual, emotional, and physical as result of this immatured timed procedure. I pray to God daily that they’re maybe help for me and many others who still suffer.

  2. I was force to get my tubes tied by my ex-husband or I would never see my children again. He don’t want me to have a family. I still don’t get to see my children. I really want a family. Were do I begin and who do I talk too. I am moving to Willow Springs Missouri. I hope to hear from you soon. I can be contacted and the e-mail above. I am looking forward to having a family. Thank You for yoour time. Melinda

  3. I know there are many people who are trying to get a grant for this procedure. I understand i may be on a waiting list also there a strong possible i may not never recieve a a grant. Reguardless wheather i do or don’t i would just like to thank you in advance for allowing me to reply.

  4. My name is Lorenzo Lewis I am an Iraqi freedom veteran my first child of C.I.D’s she was almost 2 monthes old I only got to see her for 2 weeks she died on my birthday. I am divorced and I am about to remarry and my wife to be has her tubes tied, my first child could never be replaced but I would like to have more children with my new wife. I will be praying that you can help us.

  5. I never thought that i would be saying this but i just lost my baby girl about a month ago and i had tied my tubes now im looking to not only have another a child but as many as god will allow me

  6. i am trying to find help on getting me a tubal reversal done .i have a man that do not have kids and he really wants one but everyhing is hard now.and i would love to give him that kid because when god sent him he sent an angel.the reason i tied mine was because my last child was born with a cleft and the father was no please help!!!!

  7. I would love to know how many grants are available for this procedure and what an average wait time is to find out if you are able to receive one.

  8. I was forced by my exhusband and his mom and dad to get my tubes done at an early age as i had three children and they felt that was enough and refused to help my kids anylonger if we did not stop having babies so i did now i am with an amazing man who is a wonderful dad to three kids my exhusbands parents took away from me for their son who has nothing to do with them because of drugs anyways my now amazing man and i so desperately want a baby and i feel like were hitting a walll every time we have had a couple of pregnancies and lost them because of this tubal crap please god help me please

  9. i am trying to get a tubal reverse done..i have been with my hunny for about 6 years and he has no children..that is something i cant give him but that is also something he would love and make him the happiest person asking to be considered for the grant but i do know that there is a list and several are wanting it just as much as i do…but i greatly appreciate your consideration..god bless.

  10. hi, my name is myia i am about to be 24. i had my tubes tied because three weeks after having my son his father was gunned down. i thought i could never have kids with someone else after him. i found love again and he doesnt have kids and would like too and we are getting married soon. i hope i could qualify for a grant thank you

  11. this would be so great im young and had my tubes tied at a young age now i regret it i already have 2 kids but now im with the man i want to marry and cant have kids with him its hard at times because we both want a baby together. i would love to make our family complete by us sharing gods gift and a tubal reversal is so expensive!!! please help us!!

  12. i was forced to have my tube clamped by my ex husband , we have been divorced for a long time now and i am finally happy with the man we plan to get married .he has a child but we desperatly want a child together .having that procedure done has been extremly depressing and not myself ,i also feel like i have let my ex husband commit a mortal sin . if there is any help i can get ,i’m begging to please let me know ..thank you and God Bless

  13. I never thought ill be doing this but i lost my baby girl too and it seems my life has not been the same at first when she died i was afaird to have more because she died from a heart problem i was about 21 when she died in my arms. Ive had to boys and there big now and im about to get marry to her father and we will love to have another one gods willing.Im not afriad any more im ready for another one.The reason i got my tubes tired was becouse i thought they was going to past too and i was tied of being afiad I have faith now and i no everthing will be ok.

  14. I’m about to get married and we talked about having children I do work but my job doesn’t have health insurance and some people may think it’s not a lot of money but when your on a fixed income it’s very hard. I know myself I don’t ask for much but it’s something we both want which is another child. Thank you for your time and your help if can help us.

    Thank you Nicole Harris

  15. Im intrested in a tubal reversal i havent had kids since 2004 i really want another child so my daughter can have some one to play wit someone please answer my prayers i am askin someone help my dream come true

  16. i had my tubes tied after my daughter was born. I was divorced after but now remarried and me and my husband want more kids. I have tried insurance and everything. But they won’t help. It breaks my heart that we can’t have more kids. Please help!!!!!!

  17. bout 2 and a half years ago my ex made me get my tubes tied.. it was the worst thing every. i have 3 great kids but my future husband really wonts to have a baby with me and its so hard to come up with the money to get it done.. im almost a single mom and its really hard at times… please someone help

  18. I too like all the above was pressured to get my tubes tied. I met my husband 10 years ago and got married April 2012. He never had the opportunity to raise a child of his own. I am in my late 30’s and hoping for a miracle to grant him his wish. All my kids are teenagers and he helped me a great deal. Need a miracle. God Bless!!

  19. Hi, my name is Latanya Long an I am 31 yrs old. I’ve been really wanting a reversal for quit sometime nw an didn’t knw if it was possible. I have 4children an my last birth year was in 2002. At the time I thought my family was complete an went through with getting my tubes tied. I am Native American an would love to at least 1 or 2 more children. I wanna knw if I can afford getting my tubal reversal an would love to have it done in the near future.

    Thank you- Latanya Long

  20. Please help I am sure you hear this all of the time but I desperately want another child and need my tubes untied. My current husband does not have children and we would love to have one together. My youngest child father made me have my tubes tied nine years ago and then he left me. Please help

  21. I had my tubes tied 18 yrs ago after second child..i was 19…my husband then didnt want more children..i have remarried to a wonderful man and everyday we think about having children of our own..i saddens me that i cant get pregnant..we watch other couples with thier babies and wish it was us..he is rubbing my belly as i am typing…i know that god will help us..

  22. I would love to be able to have another child, I had my tubes tied in 2008 after my 2ND daughter was born, thinking I would be with my “husband” the rest of our lives together and having 2 children within 2 yrs didn’t really think I would want anymore, now I find myself in this strange spot, my husband left us and moved on with his life 3 yrs ago.. Now I have a wonderful man in our lives and he has no children. He is a blessing to me and my girls and I would love to be able to complete our family by giving him a child of his own, we have talked about tubal reversal but it’s just too much money. God bless

  23. I was also a person who was trying to prevent having kids because I was raped and I got pregnant and I said I didn’t want a kid to be forced on me again so I had my tubes tied at 21 now I regret that decision the man I met a month later after my surgery turned out to be my angel and my heart we so desperately want to have a kid together and we can’t because of a hasty decision I made out of anger I pray that I could get a grant I cry sometimes because I would love to have a kid with this man

  24. I was a single mom of 4. I had a son that was shot at the age of 2. By the grace of God he is here today. I had a daughter and she died, she was two-years old. All my life i was searching for love in all the wrong places. When all the while God was the love i needed. When i learned my self worth as a women of God and was patient, he sent me my husband on November 17, 2012. He has no children and my tubes are tied. I fault myself because i tied my tubes for a man that promised me false dreams, because he had twins already. Now i cant replace my baby.But i prayed, and God hears us.If its his will he will make it happen. He does things on his time…but he hears our thoughts and prayers.

  25. I got my tubes tied allittle over three years ago due to addiction issues. I got clean and sober going on two and half years now I found and excepted the lord into my life he lead me to my soon to be husband.I pray that someday i will be able to have another child.

  26. I had a tubal ligation over 13 years ago. After desiring it for many years I finally want to make having another baby possible. I believe that they were banded and not cut nor burnt. I would like more information regarding the reversal procedure. Thank you

  27. I really want to have a baby for me and husband. I had my tubes tied because I was in a abusive relationship when I was younger. Now I’m needing to have a baby that we really want. We are working on this baby to complete my family.

  28. I am wanting so badly to get my tubes untied and to have a baby with the man of my dreams… And the love of my life!! I wont go into details too much but I was forced to have my tubes tied and I have regretted it from the time I signed the paper to now… Constantly wishing I could come up with the money to have the surgery to get it reversed!! I would love to be one of the ones to be chosen to have this surgery it would truly be a dream come ture!!! Thank you 🙂

  29. I am interested in having a reversal , I am married to a wonderful man who never had children, I had my tubes tied young and never thought I would want one, Until I met him, He is a fantastic father to my older children and would like to give him a child. I know this is very expensive and our insurance does not cover it. it would be a blessing to hear back from you.

  30. Im now 25 but at the age of 20 I found out I. was pregnant,shortly after that I was told I was hiv+, my. world came to a end,and the doctors and family.members kept pressuring me to get my tubes tied, sad I made that decision,if I coukd go back I would….plz help!!

  31. I met the man of my dreams we plan to get married next year and I would like to have a baby with my husband. I never wanted anymore children since the ones I do have I had with an abusive man. I oray daily that my tubes could come untied. Please help me!

  32. I was forced into having my tubes tied by my mother after the birth of my 3rd daughter. I have suffered from post tubal ligation depression ever since the surgery which was in December of 2004. I ended up on anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications and I finally decided that enough is enough. I have been praying for God to heal my body and have cried myself to sleep many nights wanting for God to bless me with atleast one more child. I am 36 years old and I love my children so much and would love to be able to give them another sibling or two. Are there any religious organizations out there that would be willing to help me to reverse the horrible surgery that my mother forced me to get years ago. Please keep me in your prayers as I continue to desire to heal my body and bring another gift from God into this world. Thanks

  33. I’m 29 and had my tubes tied and I did a couple years ago due to my mom harrassing me cuz my husband was in jail hes been out of jail now for awhile ago and were trying to have a baby my obgyn told me one tubecame untied so I only need one more untied I think and we really want another baby if u guys or someone can please help we don’t have the money for the reversal and really want it I want more kids I don’t care how long it takes as long it takes to long were Im to hold to have problems were my kids can health problems. Thank u for u time and patience its well appriciated and pray I’m considered for the grant I know it don’t ask for ur phone number but I will list mine to the public this is what i really want 860-888-XXXX

  34. I was abused as a child and at just 18 years old, married a new abuser. A year later at 19, I had my son. A year after that I had my daughter. The day after she was born, at only 20 years old, I had a tubal ligation paid for by the state of Oregon. Now 40 years old, I am determined to somehow get the reversal for 2 reasons. The first is that I have suffered indescribable pain and other conditions/syndromes involving my reproductive system ever since. The other is that the love of my life has no children. I absolutely loved raising my children and to think that I could be pain free AND have another chance to experience it all with an individual that would be nurturing and tender with me …well, the idea of it makes me cry.

  35. In April of 2003 I had my tubes tied, I did it out of desperation to get out of an abusive relationship. I was with my ex husband for almost 10 years. I was very young when we met and just as young when I got pregnant with my oldest daughter. I tried to leave before my daughter was born because I caught him in bed with another women. That didn’t work he fallowed me from Utah all the way back to Colorado where I took him back in I was scared of being alone and unable to work. We tried to work things out but I couldn’t get passed him being in bed with another women while I was carrying his child. Our daughter was 13 months old when I told him I couldn’t be with him anymore. We stayed in separate rooms for months we were just together for our daughter. I woke up one morning and he was in my room. I freaked out asked him to leave he said no we are a family we have a daughter your my wife and I’m not going anywhere. A few months later I started getting sick, sleeping a lot and decided to go to the hospital found out I was pregnant again. I was crying went home and confronted him he said he gave me a sleeping pill and did what he wanted to me while I was sleeping and there is nothing I can do about it. Scared and not knowing what to do I left went to Florida where my mom was transferred to work out there I ran again. I was now 18 going on 19 about to have my second child unable to work due to health issues, he found me dumfounded and scared unable to take care of myself or my daughter I took him back in. He got a job in Charlotte N.C. re-poing cars. that’s where our second daughter was born, from there he begged me to move back closer to his family. Things were ok for awhile. We moved to Longmont Colorado he drove buses I stayed home with the girls he wouldn’t let me work and I found out he was talking to a girl on the internet. I found a lawyer who told me how to file for divorce on my own. I got the papers filled them out filled them and tried to move on with my life. Met a man my own age started dating, having fun waiting on the divorce to be finalized. I dated this man for 6 months things were good and one night we went out with his family, we were outside of his house talking and I was getting ready to leave when my soon to be ex-husband comes running up to him swinging a baseball bat. I’m glad he got away unharmed my ex-husband grabbed me drug me home and pushed me in a corner beating me drug me into the room raped me and said to me that I will never leave him. I called the cops and they didn’t do anything to him. I got a call from my boyfriend he said he never wanted to see me again because I lied to him about my situation. I didn’t lie to him I told him the truth he just thought I lied to him. a few months later I ended up in the hospital very very sick, I was told I had spinal meningitis and that I was pregnant. I broke down in tears not knowing if this child was my soon to be ex husbands or the man I dated for 6 months. I called up the man I dated for 6 months told him I was pregnant and there is a possibility it is his he yelled at me saying its not his and if it is get rid of the baby he doesn’t want anything to do with me because I almost got him killed with my lies. I tried to explain everything to him again but he wouldn’t listen so I told him I’m sorry for disturbing him. My soon to be ex-husband was ecstatic until I said the baby might not be his. I stayed in the hospital for weeks getting treated for spinal meningitis. the hospital released me I went home, not knowing what was going to happen, we sat down and talked he said he wanted to work out our marriage and whether the baby was his or not he would take care of it, 5 months later our 3rd daughter was born which honestly she isn’t his. My doctor kept talking to me about birth control and I told him my situation and he told me about tubal ligation at the time I thought it was the only solution for me so I did it. Soon after I did it I regretted it not because of my ex-husband but because I went to such extremes to get away from him. he moved on and had 2 more children with his new wife and myself and my husband now would do anything to make our family whole. He has one daughter that his ex will not let him see because he is with someone. We have been together 7 years and married almost 4 years. We talk often of getting the surgery so we can have a baby but it is so expensive and saving money is almost impossible lately. I know he would be a wonderful father, just watching him with our nieces and nephews breaks my heart that I can not give him the gift of fatherhood. Sometimes I think I should let him go so he can have that experience with someone else because I did what I had to do to get out of an abusive relationship. I wish I would of made better choices.

  36. I need helping getting my tubes undone. I didn’t want to have a kid, for i was in a bad relationship. He was not a good father but i was planning on been with him for the rest of my life to have a family. He had two before our kid and state he didn’t want anymore. I believe that I made a very bad choice and never wanted another man to leave me raising a child alone. I love my son and want more kids with the man that will be my further husband. Please help me my son is 9 yrs old and I know I was placed on the earth to be a great mother again. My son always ask me to have a little girl and I want one to complete my family. I also love and take care everyone else kids. Please help Tracy McIntyre

  37. I got tubal ligation 14yrs ago due to abusive relationship where I had 3 children. I’ve met a wonderful man 8 yrs ago who doesn’t have any children and what I desire more than anything is to Blessed with a baby from this angel God sent to to me. I hope and pray that I could receive this grant. Please put me on the list. This man has been a blessing to me and my boys and has given them more love than their biological father ever could. I would like more than anything to complete our family. I regret the decision I felt forced into @ the time. Lord hear our prayer!!

  38. I’m a mother of three beautiful kids enjoying every moment with them all. Been through some hard times in my life and was lead to have the tubal never wanted to do it. My fiancée and I would love to have biological bond as well as the bonds we already have. I do know anything is possible to do.So with that being said finding this website was a dream come true in its own. Given the opportunity to get the reversal is more than appreciated then you could ever imagine. We would like to thank you for your time and effort to getting the best help with the reversal. So we can extend our family. Once again we want to say thank you for everything ! ! !

  39. I am a mother of three. My oldest has moved out and my youngest lives with his father, my exhusband who forced the tubal ligation after the baby’s birth. My new husband who has no children and I desperately want to get pregnant and share the gift of a child together. Please let me know what our chances are at getting the funding for a reversal.

  40. I am a mother of three. My oldest has moved out and my youngest lives with his father, my exhusband who forced the tubal ligation after the baby’s birth. My new husband who has no children and I desperately want to get pregnant and share the gift of a child together. Please let me know what our chances are at getting the funding for a reversal.jj

  41. 2 years ago I got my tubes tied after I had my youngest daughter because her father took off and I just never thought I would meet a man I could spend the rest of my life with, and I didn’t want to bring another child into a fatherless world, I thought I was doing the right thing at the time, but then I met Kolton my now husband, and I realized I had made a huge mistake. Kolton has since adopted Layla, my youngest daughter, but he wants to have another child of his own blood, and now that I have a man I actually want to have a child with, I can’t get pregnant, can someone please help us!!

  42. Has anyone actually gotten help from the ministry or anywhere else .. grants anything? I have bad Credit so finding a low is next to impossible and I never heard back from a few “help” places 🙁

  43. I got my tubes tied 4 yrs ago cause I was in a abusive relationship, Im now in a beautiful loving relationship with my vet husband for 2 yrs he does not have any an I want to give him one please help.

  44. I’m a mother of three two girls 14 and 6 my son is 2. I’m 32 and was pressured to have this procedure by my ex husband(tears). I regret it daily I knew better. I long for another baby not just that I have side effects, 2 cycles per month and terrible cramps which I didn’t have before the procedure. II’m a pastor daughter and being raised in the church I feel I did a wrong thing. I have Repented. How can I get the help I need I have prayed and prayed. Please help

  45. 13yrs ago, I decided to get my tubes tied! I had a ectopic pregnancy in 2005! I have been trying to save to get them undone but something always comes up! If anyone has any information as to how I could get help getting this procedure done I would be greatly appreciated!

  46. We lost our daughter in January this year she was 7 months 18 days and we really want another child. I pray everyday to give my husband one more child .

  47. I had my daughter six years ago, and my doctor told me that I had to have my tubes tied. I asked him why and he told me that any pregnancy after would end in a miscarriage. Unfortunately I believed him and had the surgery the day after giving birth.
    Now I am suffering from P.T.L.S. and constant pain on top of my spiritual and emotional stress. My husband and I have been trying to save the money to have the surgery reversed but something always seems to come up. I have faith though because I know God always provides. God Bless you all

  48. I my tubes tied listening to my kids father. that was the biggest mistake i ever made. the man i am about to marry doesn’t have any kids. we want to have kids together but between both of our incomes no matter how much we have tried to save something always came up. we have not been successful on getting the money on our own so i am asking can anyone please help us.

  49. Hi my name is Joanne me and my hubby to be would really love to have baby or too. The problem is we cannot affiord the fee for the revesal op . An we would be really gratefully if some one could get back to us and let us know if there is ant sort of funding or help out there for us . Thanks x

  50. I got my tubes tied seven years ago. My husband and I are newly married and haven’t had any luck. We’ve tried outing money back but so many things have come up. My ex husband beat me and forced me to tie my tubes after my last baby was born. My husband now wants to start a family and we are struggling, because I cannot conceive it has put a strain on our marriage. We both desperately want a child together. Please help us.

  51. Hi my name is marie I was forced to get my tubes tied by my doc and my
    grandma. The doctor said if I don’t tie my tubes he will make sure he is their when I had baby and he will do it himself. My grandma said she will make my life a living he’ll. She called the hospital a few times to c if I did or not. Then she went to hospital and made sure u did. I really want my tubes untied cause I want to have a baby with my husband but can’t. I’ve been depressed since the day its happened please help me I don’t know any other way please contact me on my cell 2098791888 please

  52. I have been raped multiple times from my ex. I got my tubes tied because he never stopped. I had no where to go so I got them done at 20. I m happily married and I pray to God to get them untied, but I cant afford that. This would be a MIRACLE! Bless You!

  53. I got my tubes tied 10years ago my x husband and I didn’t want another child I’m 33 now and want another baby very much

  54. I married the man of my dreams June 13th, 2013. But back in 2012 when I was in labor with my ex’s kid I had to have an emergency C-section. I was being wheeled into the O.R. screaming please don’t tie my tubes God please keep them from tying my tubes. Unfortunately they tied my tubes. Now the man that I know I am going to be spending the rest of my life with and I can’t have a child together because that was taken from me. PLEASE HELP ME!

  55. I was forced to get my tubes tied due to an abusive marriage. My ex kept pressuring me to have another baby but I refused to bring another child into that environment. I got out and now I’m happily married and my husband wants a child. He says he wants that bond and he knows I’m a great mother and he would love to have that for our child together.

  56. it would be great to have my tubes untied as the doctor that tied mine lied to me as well as put false information in my chart about my tubal litigation to begin with I hope that god will come thru and help. praise the lord.

  57. My ex was very abusive, after i had a long painful birth with our son he told doctors i wanted tubes tied. While in labor doped up they had me sign papers and performed surgery right after v he was born.I’ve been married 6 years to a wonderful man and he has no kids. We desperately want a baby before to late.


  59. I had got my tubes tied in 2009 i was 26 yrs old after i delivered my 4th child i was forced by my 1st ex/ kids dad i was dealing with. I regret it because i want more kids and i should did it because it was my choice i was the one taking care of them not him. I want them untied so i can have more kids and be happy. Please help me thanks..

  60. I am 31 years old and i wish to get my tubes untied. My ex husband kept running around on me and refused to help me care for our children so I divorced him. I have been with my new husband for almost five years. he has two daughters that he helps take care of but their mother keeps telling him that they our not really his. He says he has raised them as his so it doesn’t matter what a paternity test would prove.We are wanting a child together and I would love to give him one that he would know for sure was his. I had my tubal done because of my ex-husband and now I really regret it. I would love to bring our family closer together for everyone. I hope and pray that you can and will help me. Thank you in advance. God bless you all for your good deeds.

  61. Hi I just turned 41 and met the love of my life . He is also 41 with no children . I would like to have a child for us. I really want a tubal reversal. Can some one help me? My fundings are not great but can someone help me with where I can afford one at a low price with success & financial help . Please send me more information plz. Thank u

  62. Hi im 36 years old n i was 22 wen my ex husband fored me to tie my tubes,i have long divorced….n met my new husband,he has no children,n me n my new husband would lov to have children together,my new husband is very loving man,n good wit his step children,i want to bless my husband wit a child of his own,please help us consive this dream b4 its to late on my part,i lov my husband n would love to make his dream come true..Thank u Catalina

  63. I was forced to have my tubes tied and was in a very abusive relationship but I left him and am with the my true love, we r getting married and want to start a family, if I could get more info I would appreciate it I’m on ssi and he is a tow truck driver. I could use all the help I can get please and thank you

  64. Praise the lord for this website because I have been praying for a long time to be able to have more children. I was very young and in a awful marriage which my husband (now ex) was cheating on me and had other children while we were married and I got pregnant with our third and last child and decided that I wanted to have a tubal ligation after the birth. Later after I divorced him I decided that I wanted another child at least one more. But I knew it would mean having surgery to have my tubes restored. I need help with the financial cost of having the surgery and would that be the most reassuring hope for me to get one more chance at motherhood! God bless this ministry and all the women who they’ve helped.

  65. I just wanted to thank whoever is over this ministry helping women who have made a choice early in life to have a tubal ligation only to regret it later. I’ve been searching for a way to have this surgery to restore my tubes. I need financial help in order to have it performed. Thanks be to my father in heaven for guiding me to this site and anticipate the news on my opportunity to become a mom again!

  66. Yes, I am 41 yrs old. I was talked into getting the tubal ligation by my ex mother n law as my ex was abusive and an alcoholic. I finally got away from him and divorced him and finally married my soul mate & best friend and we would like to have a child together to go with our blended family. Unfortunately we cannot afford the surgery and I’m not sure how much time I would have to be fertile to try. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Laura N.

  67. I pray to God daily to find somewhere to help me pay for a tubal reversal. I was forced 5 years ago to get my tubes tied when my ex husband found out that I was pregnant with our 2nd child. He made me get my tubes tied or threatened that he would leave and never have anything to do with his kids again. At the time I was young and dumb and did what he asked so my kids would have him in their life not realizing that he was going to leave either way so it didn’t matter. Now I feel like less of a woman because I cannot give the love of my life a baby of his own. I would love to believe that there is a way I could have another baby sometime soon with this amazing man.

  68. It’s been 10 years that I was obligated to get operated, and I was in abusive relationship. Thank God that I got out of it, now engaged to a wonderful man that I love so much, and I want a family, I feel like I’m not worth nothing cause I’m the problem, I really want to have a family, what can I do, what I can do to be happy….

  69. I was forced to get my tubes tied after my 3rd child I was in a abused relationship so my family told me to get them tied I didn’t know so I did but now I’m in this great relationship and married and happy but he dnt have no kids so I want to do this for us I love him so much it hards me to my heart every day thinking about it that we dnt have the money

  70. I know I may seem selfish to all my family,friends, and all, but it would be a Blessing to have another child! I will continue praying and hope the best for everyone! God Bless!

  71. I’m a 46 yr old mother of four who had a tubal ligation 21 yrs ago while with my first husband. I was young and my husband and my doctor convinced me to have the procedure done. I have remarried a wonderful man whom I love dearly. My current husband was in a near fatal accident that left him partially blind and with a traumatic brain injury. I would love to have a child with my current husband he has secured one by me and I desire to have one with him.

  72. Hi my name is Sabrina it has taken me along time to discuss this with anyone but finding my faith has restored my confidence. I was a victim of domestic abuse for almost 6 years, I was in a dead end marriage with an angry man! I had my tubes tied after having my daughter..i was afraid to bring another child into such a broken home…nearly 6 months after my family and close friends helped and saved me from what felt like a prison…it has taken me over 3 years to finally be comfortable with my self or anyone for that matter! I have found love in a man who honestly would give me the moon but financially we both cannot afford the reversal I am looking for help and hopefully through thought and prayers that help will come one day!!! God bless you all

  73. My name is amber, I am a 34 year old mother of 5 children, I was with my younger 3 kids dad for 6 years, he didn’t want anymore children. So I had believed he was the one I was going to marry, but he decied he didn’t want to be in the relationship, So he one day got up and left. So now I am in a new relationship with a great man and he wants to have a child. I would love to give him a baby. Also since I have had the essure done I have had so many side effects that is horrible. I need help desperately, I live in low income, and just started a new job caring for people with disabilities. So I am starting out part time, as well as I haven’t had tax money back in the last couple years due to my debts. Please help me to get financing to have a baby.

  74. I’m a mother of three kids. I recently lost my 16 year old daughter to a disease called Sanfilippo syndrome. I got my tubes tied when I had my last child which was 11 years ago. After a lot of different things that happened in my life…like me being diagnosed with HIV in 2010 and I’ve been undetected for several years now. I just discovered that I was missing something very important which was another child. I dearly love my other two children with all my heart and they’re growing up very fast and I enjoy every bit of it. I did my research and now I’m ready. Can someone please help me?

  75. I’m 46 as well, a mother of 2 (daughter 22, son 19). My husband has 3 sons (25, 23, and 14) I was a single parent for 18 years before reconnecting with my husband in 2009. A little background about us, we’ve known each other since 3rd grade and in the 6th graded, he mustered up enough courage to ask me to be his girlfriend and I said yes. After 6th grade, we lost contact. During our time apart, we both endured tumultuous relationships that ended badly. When we reconnected and married in Nov. 2010, we were expecting to live happily ever after. That didn’t happen. Our “blended family” didn’t mix very well due to interference with my children, my family and discontent from his youngest son about my husband not being with the other parent anymore. Although I was upfront with my husband (and he initially accepted this) about my decision to have a tubaligation in an effort to, as a single parent, ensure a decent life for my children and myself, it is now very hard for him to accept us not having children together. It is a sore issue for both of us because we desire to have a child together. The fact that the blending of our families did not go well only further increases this desire. It has really caused a lot of strain on us as a couple. I know my time is running out for bearing children but I also know that if I am able to have this costly surgery, I will become pregnant for my husband quickly.

  76. Good evening,
    My husband and I are looking for some help in financing a tubal ligation reversal. We gave birth to a beautiful baby boy almost five years ago and I decided then to have my tubes tied. Now we are wanting to expand our family a little bit more, but the cost is so much more than what we thought it would be. We live in Ohio and there isn’t much in the way of financial aid for matters such as this. If there is anything you can tell us to help us over this hurdle, please let us know. Thank you

    The Ferrell Family

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