Although in theory getting your tubes untied sounds like a simple and straightforward procedure, there are many variables that a layman can’t account for. As a matter of fact, only a limited number of surgeons actually specialize in this form of fertility restoration. During your consultation with your surgeon, you will be informed about some of the factors that come into play when discussing the tubal reversal success rate. The age of the patient, the length of the intact tubes and the degree of scar tissue all offer a glimpse of the complexity of restoring the female reproductive system to a fully functional state. As you might imagine, all these intricacies are reflected in the final tubal reversal cost.

The average cost of tubal reversal surgery starts at $5000 and can tread into the $10,000. The cost differs according to the technique used by the surgeon, the length of stay inside the hospital, as well as some geographical factors. It’s not unusual for prospective patients to want to do some bargain hunting. This is fine, but remember this is a surgical procedure we’re talking about not a stuffed animal. Any doctor that charges far below the $5,000 should be considered with caution and his/her credentials and experience should be verified.

If we were to impart one important piece of advice, it’d be to see how you can save on the financing aspect of the procedure as opposed to price comparing doctors. See how a tubal reversal loan obtained from your bank compares to that offered by your doctor. You may end up saving a substantial amount of money with a lower interest rate. Some lenders even offer 0% interest if the principal is repaid within a year. Your surgeon’s office may even offer a discount if you are able to repay your entire balance off within a certain period of time after your procedure.

You will find yourself stuck in the water if you attempt to apply for a tubal reversal loan without any sort of credit history. If your spouse or a family member with a sound history agrees to cosign the loan for you, then you will overcome this hurdle. There is a dual benefit to this. For one, you will get the money you need for the surgery and at the same time this will help establish your credit. If you decide not to pay the amount per the agreement, then the lender will come after the other party in which case their credit could be ruined. This is why this type of arrangement should be reserved for instances where the borrowing party fully intends on paying back everything.

As you should now see, there are many ways you can pay to get your tubes untied. Using your arsenal of knowledge, you should now be able to pick out the best tubal reversal loan and get going with your procedure. There are always Christian organizations and other non-profit groups willing to help you if money is extremely difficult to come by. They have different selection criteria and often require that you are put on a waiting list. Nevertheless, it’s worth trying.

23 Responses to “Get Tubes Untied – Tubal Reversal Cost”

  1. amy

    I what my tubes untie but I don’t have the all at once

  2. amy

    I don’t have the money all at once but I really what my tubes untie

  3. jessica adams

    am trying to have a other baby i really need gelp i just got married two months ago and really want to give him a baby but am low low income i get food stamps and med to help but i been praying everyday to have a baby i have had my tubes tried for about 3 years now and i need help to get them un done

  4. crystal

    Am really seeking help in havingva baby

  5. Ashley

    I am trying to have another baby i have 3 kids already but my future husband really wonts to have one of his on with me and my income is very low.. im on foodstamps and only make bout 300 a month… i wish there was a way i could get this done… i really need help getting them untied

  6. shelese

    Im a hard working woman with two kids i got married at a young age and thought it was a good thing to do cause at that time we both did not want anymore kids but to keep it short we are not together anymore he has move on and i am happy for the happiness he has findyet he is able to have more kids and i cant it hurts my soul to tell the man that i love and pray for more then myself that i cant have his child im back n school doing better then i ever image but my income WILL NOT let my get my tubes untied that kind of money i wish could just fall out the sky so my dream of having a beautiful baby will come true

  7. jodie

    I’ve had my tubes tied for 5 yrs n wanting to get them reversed can u help……

  8. Natalie

    I am trying to get my tubes un tied and would need help how do I seek help for myself and family

  9. Misha C Norman

    I want tubes untied but can’t afford it what can I do

  10. Tonya

    Im looking for help anyone who knows of any programs that will help me get my tubes untied. I thought I had it in the bag. my hubby and 4 yr old son and I gave birth to a lill girl on 8/13/13 and she died in her sleep 9/19/13 and when I had her I got my tubes tied and Im very upset can anyone help me ?? or give me any advise ??? please im begging for any help

  11. keisha

    I really want to have another baby i have 3kids
    With my exboyfriend and now me n my new boyfriend
    want 2 have a baby togetha but have very low income how can we
    make paymeant plans

  12. Cynfanea Parnell

    I need my tubes untied to give my new vet husband a child cause he don’t have any children an he wants one bad…please help

  13. crystal nolan

    I meet a wonderful man and we been married now for 4 years and we both want to have a baby with each other but our money is a little tight and the cost is to much to have the surgery. Can u help us.

  14. tiffany

    Cant afford to get my tubes untied but want another baby

  15. tawnya

    i got my tubes tied when i was 22 and thought i was dune i didnt want anymore i have 3 beautiful babys my ex husband and i splet 2 years ago he can still have kids i cant the wonderful man in my life has no kids and he wants one of his own i cant give him one but i want one more meracale to add to our family how do i go about getting financed for this i have bad creadet and a devorce on my credit history please help

  16. Danielle

    I had my tubes tied for a year now I was more pressured then anything to get them tied by my family. Me and my husband have 3 kids now and we would like more. We aren’t on food stamps or any other help but we just don’t have the money to get them untied and we are really wanting to do it. My husband is a hard worker and is the best dad!! I just wish we would have more.

  17. kim

    I had my tubes tied 8 years ago after my second child. I was young and thought I didn’t want any more kids. I no longer with the father and have met these of my dreams. I want so badly to give him a child of his own. I work only as a waitress in a very small town. And thanx to my ex my credit isn’t too great. How can I possibly pay thousands of dollars for a reversal. please help

  18. Jeannette

    I have been married for 2 yrs and have been trying to conceive but had no luck the say that my tube may be the problem. I have never had children or my husband. We are hoping you can please help us

  19. Kimberly

    I’m 31 and have 3 kids 13, 12 and 10. Their father and I are divorced now and I have an awesome fiancĂ©e whom has no kids of his own. I’d love to be able to give him a baby. Money is tight and we would love if you could help us. This is the one thing that I missing. Thanks

  20. Michelle R. McKay

    My name is Michelle R. McKay. I’m 44 yrs. old. I was married to my late husband for 21 1/2 yrs. until he passed away on 6/16/2012 from brain tumor that he had for 2 yrs. He gave me two wonderful daughters. My oldest one is 24 yrs. old and my second one is 21 yrs. old. I got also two grandson a 3 yrs. old and a 8 month old grandson. I got remarried to our friend that grad. with me and my late husband. So my new husband and I would like to have our own kids together and also to include to our kids. My new husband got a divorce from his ex-wife and they had two sons one is just turning 20 yrs. old and his second one is going to turn 18 yrs. old. My new husband is 45 yrs. old. We would like to get help to get my tubes untied since our money is tight also and we really want this please together. I have had my tubes tied for 21 yrs. now. My new husband is wonderful to have two kids together.

  21. Amanda Cook

    I have turned my life around and have found a wonderful man. We want to have a child but I had tied my tubes before our life started together because of I was a single mother of two children and was struggling to get by I was scared. We don’t have the money to do it and have been looking around I live in Colorado and so far through my research it seems to be 50% more then other states. Can anyone please help me?

  22. michelle gray

    I am 5’4 I GOT THREE KIDS BUT I WONT MY TUBE UNTIE FOR ME N MY HUSBAND WONT A BOY i am 30 years old i just wont one more

  23. Laura

    If i only have ONE tube ( due to one rupturing from a tubal pregnancy) …. Would this work for me and considering i only have one tube to untie would i still have to pay the entire 5,000 or more?

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