Financial Aid Funding for Tubal Reversal Surgery

When you struggled to get your finances in order in preparation for tubal ligation surgery, you probably thought you’d never have to go through the ordeal again. Hours of chatter with a bank employee and those endless amounts of paperwork are nothing to be satisfied about after all. However, sure enough, a few years later you decided that you wanted another child. Hopefully, your financial situation has improved since your initial procedure. If not, this time you want to be a little smarter while scouting around for financial aid.

If you have absolutely no cash to spare, you might be wondering whether any organizations offer complete coverage for tubal reversal surgery. There are some, but the demand for donations is so high that they can’t even begin to accommodate all the patients that apply for financial assistance. The average tubal reversal surgery costs a few thousand dollars, which already creates a problem because this is difficult capital to raise for multiple patients. Your best source of funding for surgery is through a lending institution like your bank. If for some reason your are avoiding this route (perhaps your credit history is spotty), we won’t be the first to tell you that you have to knuckle down and getting everything in order.

You can bypass a checkered financial past by getting a cosigner for your tubal reversal loan or even settling with a very high interest rate, but neither of these options is recommended if you aren’t capable of repaying your loan. That is unless, you want to dig yourself into an even deeper financial hole. The better option is to set a deadline for getting your credit polished up (at least a year or more from present day), and during that entire year consolidating your debt and keeping up with your monthly payments. If you don’t have any credit history whatsoever, you will need to get started with a secured credit card and go from there.

This entire process of rebuilding your credit can take a long time. In the meantime, try to save money wherever possible. Clear out your garage of unused items and have a garage sale. Try to tighten down on the luxuries in your household such as premium channels on cable or the extra fast internet. Challenge yourself to save an extra $100 or $200 a month, and increment the amount as necessary. Before you know it, lenders will be lining up to give you the money and you will be borrowing much less because you did your homework and saved up.

The long wait while this process unravels can without doubt be discouraging, but if you let the excitement of restoring your fertility get in the way of financial common sense you may be in for a rude awakening. Some lenders take advantage of the fact that there is a degree of desperation when trying to obtain a tubal reversal loan and thus may charge inflated rates or otherwise seek to better their standing. Don’t fall pray to unscrupulous tactics like these.

23 thoughts on “Financial Aid Funding for Tubal Reversal Surgery

  1. Im trying to find financial aid for myself to have a tubal reversal. My husband and I want children and I had my tubes tied after a previous relationship. Any help.

  2. i need help please help i want to have a baby i had my tubes fix after my son i was in a really bad relationship am now i found the one i just got married july3 and really want to give my husband a baby cause he gave me a new look on life and shows me what love really is so please i pray to god can anyone help me

  3. Go to That’s the Care Credit card they are speaking of. We have that card and use it for dental, vision, and will be using it for the tubal reversal after our wedding. Good luck!

  4. I need helping getting my tubes undone. I didn’t want to have a kid, for i was in a bad relationship. He was not a good father but i was planning on been with him for the rest of my life to have a family. He had two before our kid and state he didn’t want anymore. I believe that I made a very bad choice and never wanted another man to leave me raising a child alone. I love my son and want more kids with the man that will be my further husband. Please help me my son is 9 yrs old and I know I was placed on the earth to be a great mother again. My son always ask me to have a little girl and I want one to complete my family. I also love and take care everyone else kids. Please help Tracy McIntyre

  5. Good morning,I’m just looking for some information….
    I was forced by my ex-husband to get my tubes tied ( regret number one) and after I did he left me and our 2 kids.
    I meet a new man and I had a few medical issues and was told that I needed to get the lining of my utrus remove to help stop the heavy bleeding( I was never end told that me having a tubal done could cause this issue) when my new partner found this out he and the doctor talked me into doing this,and a few months later my partner was caught cheating and I told him to leave.i have been with my new man for the past 3 years and we are getting married and we are looking into getting a reversal done but have been told way to many different stories weather or not we could have a child together.
    Can anyone give me advice or know what the true facts are ?

  6. Ive meet a wonderful man and we been married for 4 years and we both want to have a baby with each other and my tubes are tied and I have call all over and the lowest price that i could find was 6200 and we dont have that kind of money can somebody please help….

  7. Me and spouse want my tubes to be untied my father took me to Dominican republic and paid the doctors over there to tie the without my knowledge or permission and no translation we’ve been trying for 2 years to get them untied but we can and we’re low income family so we need help please of any aid that will help us with goal and I was 20 when it happened I’m turning 24 this march

  8. please help me i want to have another baby i tied my tubes almost 5yrs ago because the man i was married to for 10 yrs thought it would be best and now we’re not together and the man I’m with now i plan to marry andwe want to have a baby together please help us complete our family

  9. Looking for help funding my tubal ligation reversal. I just turned 40 and my husband and I of almost 20 years want another child . Please please please help me out. Please and thank you in advance.

  10. To whom it may concern,
    I had my tubes tied 7 years ago because I thought I was doing the right thing for me and my children. I swore I would never find happiness again and that i didn’t want to risk bringing a another child into this world with a unenvolved parent. I was so very wrong!! 4.5 years ago I met a wondeful man and I really need help finding away to have our child. I know he would be a amazing father and I please ask for any help!!

  11. I’ve been searching for a couple of years about tubal ligation reversal surgery. However haven’t been able to afford it. I’m getting to an age where I have to get it done if I’m going to. I would greatly appreciate any help I can receive to have this operation immediately. It would be a dream come true for me to become pregnant one more time and be a wonderful mother to my miracle baby!

  12. I had my tubes clamped about 3 years ago because my ex’s told me I had to….now I’m with amazing man that loves my babies…but he wants a baby by blood of his own…can’t blame him but it’s hard to come up with the money…..please help!!!!!! $7,000….any ideas an help is greatly thanks!!!!!

  13. Hi my same is Bruce. Me and my wife of 3 years would love to have a baby. I will be 46 in July & my wife is 49 and we are both very healthy. My wife had her tubes tide about 22 years ago during her first marriage due to a bad relationship. I currently don’t have any kids. This is also my second marriage but just anyone could not have my kids. And now that I found the person I will spend the rest of my life with we both agree that we would love to have a child or two together before it’s too late. But of course the process is expensive and we do need help. Is there any help out there? Signed want to be parents. Thanks!

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