Tubal Ligation Reversal: Financing, Loans, Cost, Success Rate, Doctors, & Alternatives

Congratulations on your decision to have a tubal ligation reversal!

We’re here to help! For whatever reason you decided to have a tubal ligation in the first place we’re glad to see you’ve made the commitment to reverse the procedure. It can be costly to reverse, but having another child is truly priceless. Don’t be discouraged if you don’t have the money to get this surgery done. There are tubal reversal financing options that can help your dream become reality.

It’s our goal to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision when picking which doctor to perform your tubal ligation reversal, how much a tubal reversal costs in your area, and financing resources to make the surgery go as smooth and pain-free as possible.

The map below is a work in progress, so you may not find your state active at the moment. We are updating this daily.

What is Tubal Ligation Reversal?


Tubal Ligation, or having your tubes tied, is performed when a woman decides that she does not want to have more children. Tubal reversal surgery is possible and can be very successfully performed to restore natural fertility. The surgery is affordable and performed on an outpatient basis by specialist doctors to give patients another chance to once again fall pregnant.

How Much Does a Tubal Reversal Cost?

The cost of having tubal reversal surgery is often a factor that prevents a couple from pursuing the surgery. Some medical facilities offer a partial option payment, which covers only the professional fees. Most insurance plans will not cover these types of procedures. Tubal reversal is regarded as expensive and can cost up to “several” thousand dollars. This will include costs relating to fertility tests, hospital fees and anesthesia.

Are There Any Alternatives?

One of the options available other than tubal reversal is known as IVF (In Vitro Fertilization), which is a type of assisted reproduction. The process involves fertilizing the woman’s eggs outside the body with the male sperm in a “laboratory” dish. The embryo is then placed into the woman’s womb and increases the chances of the patient of carrying the embryo to full term. IVF is an option for patients who are unable to fall pregnant after they have undergone a “tubal reversal” surgery.

Cheap Tubal Reversal

The financial burden in relation to the costs of a tube reversal surgery often discourages many patients from pursuing infertility care. There are certain “fertility financing” programs offer additional resources in order to overcome certain financial limitations that many patients face when undergoing treatments for restoring fertility.

Free Tubal Reversal Surgery

In general, there are no options available for free tubal reversal surgery. However, depending on specific locations, a few religious ministries are known to fund such procedures. Some clinics will offer a free procedure when a patient agrees to donate a few of their eggs.

For more information about free tubal reversal surgery, click here.

Tubal Ligation Reversal

Tubal Reversal Surgery in Mexico

The costs relating to Tubal reversal surgery in Mexico will cost around $2800 USD. These prices will include surgery and hospital fees that will include: doctors’ fees, hospital stay, epidural and general lab fees. These prices will not include any travel expenses, any additional fees will result in regards to specific requests or health issues. When scheduling a tubal reversal surgery the patient will be required to pay a $600 deposit, this deposit will later be deducted from the total fee.

Tube reversal surgery in Mexico has helped many women from all over the world in finding an effective treatment for fertility. For most women who undergo such a surgery the success rates are usually high. This type of surgery allows women to gain a second chance in falling pregnant and having another baby.

63 thoughts on “Tubal Ligation Reversal: Financing, Loans, Cost, Success Rate, Doctors, & Alternatives

  1. I want badly to have another child but can’t afford a reversal or invitro. I’m desperate, is there a loan that can help? Do to bad credit I can only afford a monthly payment of 200 dollars.

    • There are lenders out there that will provide money to borrowers with bad credit.

      If you’d like to know more feel free to contact us!

      Best wishes!

    • There are many financing companies that are available. Regardless of whether they are high are not, I say go for it. Care credit no interest for 12 months. However, there are companies that finance with high interest rates. The monthly payment are affordable. In other words dont let high interest rates stop you from pursuing having another child. As for raising your child every child is bought up diffrently. Finances is just part of the equation. That’s what most people forget. In essence, dont let no one determine your faith

  2. I am very interested in have a tubal reversal. I had them tied after having my child. My daughter was born with a complicated neurosurgical problems. She has been diagnosed with chiari III malformation associated with occipitocervical encephalocele
    that was repaired a birth. She has required multiple shunt revisions since that time. She also has been diagnosis with hydrocephalus and tethered cord syndrome. At one point she had cranium expansion operation. At another point in time, she had a cisterna magna to the ventricle peritonel which was subsequently removed. She now has a ventriculo-atrial shunt. She has undergone a chiari decompression as well as a tethered cord released.Milina is finally doing better and I would like to have another baby

  3. I want to have another baby an a ever since I got them tied having cyst pain cramps bloating and I want it to stop and be back to normal and my husband wants a boy we have 3 girls and a son but it’s not by him he was in jail and I cheated but he forgave me and took me back and we got married so we want to try again but I can’t afford it

  4. I had children out of beatings, rape, and force. Children are a blessing of god so I never aborted in which I don’t believe in. I had a scare and signed for a way out of having anymore children to be born out this way so I had a tubal ligation. Don’t get me wrong I love my children I really do, but I want to create an multiply out of love and make my family stronger. Children are supposed to be the work of god and hospitals lie about the tubal ligation as I come to realize as reading up on I do have faith it’s stated somewhere everyone deserves happiness where’s mine?? A tubal reversal cost way too much, is there any help out there for people like myself or some place that sets up payment plans?

  5. I would love to have another baby I would love to have my tubes untied. I’m willing to donated my eggs also I’m willing to pay

  6. I have a great husband which i am about to loose because i can’t give him a baby and i would gladly donate some eggs.

  7. I had my tube tied after giving birth to my 3rd child. At the time it seemed like the right decision but my husband passed away and as sad as that was I was blessed to meet my true love. He has no children of his own and we want nothing more than to have a baby together. The cost of the tubal reversal is high and I am curious if donating eggs is an option for partial or full payment. Any info would be greatly appreciated thanks 🙂

  8. Hi my name is Michelle my tubes have been tied since January of 2011 my ex husband demanded that I get my tubes tied or he was leaving means taking the kids well we are no longer together and now I am with someone that is completely amazing we want to have a baby so bad but the problem is my tubes are tied so if you could please help me by helping get my tubes untied I would greatly appreciate it

  9. hi i saw your post i am trying to get help with haveing a baby my credit is no good and my husbend has no credit and i wood like to get tubal reversal but it cost to much if there is any help out there i live in vt so let me know thanks

  10. i am a mother of the grown kids I now have since met the man of my dreams and want to give him a baby but, my tubes

  11. i am a mother of three grown kids I now have since met the man of my dreams and want to give him a baby but, my tubes are tied we don’t have the money straight up to do it but, we would like to know if there’s a place that will do it for free or a very low Costs own our home and want to offer a newborn baby our love. We are willing adopt a newborn that no one wants. If anyone can help our dreams come true please call me at 1-765-729-2867 ( Tina Marie) thanks, God bless u.

  12. I want to have another baby, an I had my tubes clamped almost 8 yrs ago bec I had my two youngest 11 months apart.. I can’t really afford a tubal reversal an would gladly donate eggs.. I’m live in IN.. please let me know what kind of help I can find an if its possible to have this done an find a way to help me.. thank you

  13. hey my husband and i been want a baby together . i have a one for the last guy he want me to get my tube clap and now after 8 year . and met the one i want to be with i cant afford the hold cost . we can do payment

  14. I am interested in getting a tubal ligation reversal. I am willing to donate eggs to compensate for a more affordable procedure.

  15. I have bad credit but want my tubes untied I have 5 kids all c section n I’m diabetic but I want one more child

  16. I am in my mid 40’s and have re-married, I am so desperate to give my husband a child my tubes were cut/tied many years ago due to 2 C-sections. I lost my first husband when I was pregnant with my 2nd child, Is there anyone in the UK that would finance tubal reversal and also accept an older woman. I have contacted many clinics already in the UK and they generally will not even consider a woman over 40. I am devastated.

  17. i have a wonderful man which i am about to loose because i can’t give him a baby. please help me a tubal reversal cost way to much. is there any help out there for people like myself or some place that set up a payment plans?

  18. Me and my husband are desperate to have a baby. Its putting a strain on our marriage because we can’t afford it. I will gladly give away any other eggs I have left!

  19. I want to have a baby . I need a tubal ligation reversal. How much did it cost and where you local at

  20. I was 18when I gave birth to my 1st kid everything was great till I had him then his dad didn’t wanna be a dad… at 21 on my 21st birthday I found out I was pregnant with my second kid not such a good moment I was on birth control and used b protection but both failed and it was only two times.. well it was a nightmare drama the whole time her bio father didn’t want her… my parents pretty much pressured me into getting my tubes clamped and I regretted from day one… now I am 25 getting married next month my husband’s an amazing father to both my kids and we want to try to have a baby of our own.. only it’s so expensive to get it reversed:( I make decent money but between bills kids and saving money it’s gonna take me a long while to get this done 🙁 all I have to say is if there’s a grant or something for this that I could qualify from that would be great… also never let anyone you talk you into something u don’t wanna do u will regret it!!

  21. I’m 46 years old and want to have another baby. My fiance and I have been talking about it for a while. Now we’re ready? Am I to old to untie my tubes and have another baby?

  22. My fiance of 5yrs wants a baby my tubes are tied from a previous marriage I really want to give him a child I never wanted them tied I was only barely 20 when the Dr tied them I’m desperate I want a baby so bad w/ him I would be willing to do anything even donate eggs god bless

  23. I need to no were Yall local at and I want my tubes untied so bad and what’s the cost

  24. im really interested in the reversal operationi have four beautiful children im with a new guy and cant even give him a baby were can I get help from as far assome help with the cost in ct

  25. I got my tube tied 6 years ago after my daughter was born. Two years later my house was broken into in the middle of the night and my daughter was kidnapped and murdered. I’ve always wanted a daughter. I would do anything to have that change to have a daughter again. But I’m in debt I and can’t afford the surgery and I have bad credit.

  26. I learned, there are specific tubal reversal surgeons who allow paying the amount in installments. Additionally, couples can discuss this issue with the surgeon to get some concession on the costs involved. Getting help from financial institutions or personal loans might not be a feasible option for many.

  27. Is there someone out there that can help me have another baby and not have to come up. With a lot of money for tubal reversal surgery because i don’t that type of money but I really want anything baby

  28. I have had cancer since 16 I’m now 30 I was lucky enough for my three children. But God has blessed me with no more cancer so now I would love to have another child with my husband. The doctors said I needed to but they were wrong. I would love to find out more information.

  29. What happens to the eggs I donate? I need to know because I know monsters exist in real life I would have to know in detail what the eggs I donate will be doing? All options of what they could be used for!

  30. I had a tubes tied, clipped and burnt 7 years ago, I so want to have a little girl cause I have three boys. But my doctor said if I was to get pregnant either the baby will die or the other way around. But she also said after 5 years from the tubal ligation she said it was a possibility that I could get pregnant. I need some answers cause I want me a little girl so bad. And everybody in my family is having babies but me. I need some help

  31. Hello I am really wanting to have another baby. I got a tubal ligation 5 years ago because my husband at the time did not want any more children. Now we are divorced and I am with a great man now. He wants to have a baby and I do too. I can not afford tubal reversal surgery so if there are any places out there that could help me that would be great. I live in Illinois.

  32. I want my tubes untied because i found the man of my dreams & we want to get married one day & next year we would like to bond & god giving us a gift together that we make out of love . It is very important to me & i need help . I am already jealous because he has to kids already & they r 11 & 9 they r a boy & a girl . I would b so happy with a new baby in our life because my three kids r getting older . I hope my age dont matter & i am 41 years old . Please help me & i will b so greatful . God bless .

  33. I found the man of my dreams .. I have four girls by my ex and now me and my new boyfriend wanted to have a baby and I would like my tubes untied

  34. hi my name is Angela and I would like to know the cause of getting my tubes untied can you please tell me where is the doctor in Mexico located

  35. is there any grants that can help assist with this procedure my husband and I would like to move forward I was young when I had the procedure done I just felt that I was more talked into it then I was wanting it . So we would like to see if anyone can help us with the cost .

  36. I’m looking to get a tubal ligation reversal. Its been 10 and a half years and I’m desperate. I have regretted it since I did the surgery. I don’t have a lot of money and would need help to pay for it. I live in Wisconsin and am willing to travel to a surrounding state if necessary. Please my significant other and I want to have a family together. And I don’t want to wait much longer. And I don’t want to be denied. Please if there is any information at all I would like to have it. Thank you.

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